Chinese Children’s Song – 三轮车

  • I hope you like the song (客人来) that posted few weeks ago.
  • Here is another popular Chinese children’s song for you to learn Chinese.
  • Let’s read the lyrics first before singing the song.


sān lún chē, pǎo kuài
shàng mian zuò lǎo tài tai
yào máo gěi kuài
shuō guài guài
xiǎo hóu zhī zhi jiào
è le néng tiào
gěi xiāng jiāo hái yào
shuō hǎo xiào hǎo xiào
  • Here is the song:
  • Over the past two weeks, we have learnt a few Chinese verbs. You may have noticed that the verbs that we have learnt are in the song:

  • Click on the character, and it will link you to the character page.
  • Meaning of the song:
Cycle rickshaw, going fast
There is an old lady sitting on it
The fare is fifty cents, she gives one dollar
Isn’t that strange?
The little monkey, chattering
She is hungry and cannot jump
Giving her the banana, but she still doesn’t want it
Isn’t that funny?
: three
: wheel
: car
三轮车 : cycle rickshaw, pedicab
: run
: (particle) used to link a verb or an adjective to a complement which describes the manner or degree
: fast
: on top
: sit
: measure word
: old
老太太 : old lady
: want
: fifty cents
: give
: one dollar
: you
: say
奇怪 : wierd, strange
: no, not
奇怪不奇怪 : strange or not
: small
猴子 : monkey
吱吱 : squeak, chatter
肚子 : stomach
饿 : hungry
: (particle) used after an action that has taken place
: cannot, not able
: jump
香蕉 : banana
: still
: don’t want
: funny
: laugh
: funny or not
  • You may want to download the song (in zip format).

Chinese children songs

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8 thoughts on “Chinese Children’s Song – 三轮车”

  1. You give so much information. I have just discovered 三轮车 and you not only give translation, but characters, pinyin, and line-by-line audio files. And a vocabulary list. Amazing, complete, so very helpful! Thank you!

  2. Love this! So cute! AM going to teach my daughter who is from Neimenggu. Thanks for posting. It’s great! ALso sharing with my and her Mandarin class teachers. Great site!

    1. Hi KM,
      Thanks. Please spread the words and let your friends know about my website. I hope you could learn some Chinese characters from this website.

  3. It’s good to find this web. Presently, l’m learning chinese at school. I try to find material to support my study. Now i found it. Thank you very much.

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