Exercise – 听写

Chinese Dictation

  • We have learnt more than 100 characters. To learn Chinese well it’s important to review often. Today, we are going to revise some of the words by doing some exercises.
  • 听写 (tīng xiě)means dictation. “听” is listen while “写” means write.
  • I have prepared a five minutes audio with a list of 12 Chinese words.
  • What you need to do is get ready with your pen and a white blank paper. (笔和纸)
  • Click on play to listen and write down the characters on the paper. If you can’t get the words, replay the audio.
  • You can check the answers at the end of the post.
  • Ready? Here we go…
  • It is all right if you don’t get all correct. I know it is not easy to memorize all the Chinese characters that you have learnt 🙂 .  Practice makes perfect. You might want to share your result in the comment session.
  • Have a nice weekend – Learn Chinese – Be happy.

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* By the way, today is 中秋节(Mid-Autumn Festival or Mooncake festival, read more…). Happy festival !
Learn Chinese - Mid-Autumn Festival
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4 thoughts on “Exercise – 听写”

      1. Hi Min Min – You told me about this website when you wrote to me on

        I think this is a great site. I especially like the grammar sections and sentence

        I wish I could download the dictation exercises for my iTouch

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