Chinese Numerals II

  1. We have learned chinese numbers from 0 to 99, 零 一 二 三 四 五 六 七 八 九 十. Click here to revise.
  2. Today we are going to learn on larger number: hundred 百, thousand 千, ten thousand 万 (traditional : 萬), hundred million 亿 (traditional : 億).
    • Arabic Number Chinese Character Pinyin Pronunciation
      100 free online chinese language learning. bǎi
      1,000 free online chinese language learning. qiān
      10,000 free online chinese language learning. wàn
      100,000,000 free online chinese language learning.
  3. For numbers larger than a myriad, the same grouping system used in English applies, except in groups of four places (myriads) rather than in groups of three (thousands).
    • Arabic Number Chinese Character Pronunciation
      100 一百
      1000 一千
      10 000 一万
      10 0000 十万
      100 0000 一百万
      1000 0000 一千万
      1 0000 0000 一亿
  4. Hence it is more convenient to think of numbers here as in groups of four, thus 1,234,567,890 is regrouped here as 12,3456,7890. Examples:
    • Number Characters in Mandarin
      255 255 两百五十五
      6,824 6824 六千八百二十四
      11,500 1,1500 一万一千五百
      556,824 55,6824 五十五万六千八百二十四
      3,005,000 300,5000 三百万五千
      403,255,135 4,0325,5135 四亿三百二十五万五千一百三十五

Click on the download button to download Chinese characters for the numerals Worksheet.:

百 千 万 亿

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