Date and Time – 将来, 今后, 以后

将来, 今后, 以后

  • Today we are going to learn three new words that indicate a period of time after a certain moment.
  • The words are 将来, 今后 and 以后.
  • In general, all these three words mean future.
  • 将来 and 今后 indicate the time after the present moment, while 以后 can also indicate the time after a moment in the past.
Word Chinese Character Pinyin Pronunciation
Future 将来 jiāng lái
He will certainly be successful in the future.
他 将来/以后/今后 一定会成功。
tā jiāng lái (yǐ hòu /jīn hòu )yī dìng huì chéng gōng。
Hereafter 以后 yǐ hòu
Two years later, he did indeed go on a round-the-world tour.
liǎng nián yǐ hòu,tā guǒ rán qù zhōu yóu shì jiè le。
From now on 今后 jīn hòu
We hope from now on there will be more exchanges between our two peoples.
xī wàng jīn hòu liǎng guó rén mín zhī jiān yǒu gèng duō de jiāo wǎng。
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