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Pronunciation : xìng
Meaning :
  1. mood or desire to do something; interest; excitement. (n)
Radical :
Strokes : 6
Traditional :
Usage : 22.9%
1. He was very pleased to see that the kids had made progress.
kàn dào hái zi men yǒu jìn xīn hěn gāo xìng
看到 : catch sight of, see
孩子们 : children, kids
: has
进步 : improvement
: heart
: inside
: very
高兴 : happy, excited
2. I’m not interested in chess.
duì xià gǎn xìng
: I, me
: with regard to, concerning, to
下棋 : play chess, have a game of chess
: not
: feel, sense
兴趣 : interested

4 thoughts on “兴”

  1. The animated strokes are very nice. I also like having the Pinyin above the Chinese and the dictionary definitions of characters on the right is very helpful.

    My only criticism is that there is no way to slow down the audio in order to hear it more clearly. For some learners (like me) it is probably too fast. Perhaps you could have two audios — one normal and one in ‘slow motion’.

    Thanks for a nice site.

    1. Thanks for your suggestions.
      Regarding the audio, that is the normal speed for a Chinese speaker. However, we will try to slow down the audio a bit.
      You can try to study the Pinyin, and based on the Pinyin on the sentence, you will get the audio more clearly.

    2. Actually I have a program that can adjust the speed of the audio. I will reduce the speed by -1.
      Thanks for your suggestion.

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