Conversation – Greeting II

Conversation 1
Woman : Good morning!
nán zǎo
Man : Good morning!
shēn hǎo ma
Woman : Do you feel good?
nán hěn hǎo . xiè xiè !
Man : Very well. Thanks!
Conversation 2
lǎo shī men hǎo ma
Teacher : How are you? (Plural)
wáng lán men dōu hěn hǎo nǐn shēn hǎo ma
WangLan : We are fine. How about you?
lǎo shī hěn hǎo zài jiàn
Teacher : Me too. Goodbye!
liú jīng zài jiàn
LiuJing : Goodbye!
  1. “, which means “Good morning!”. It is an everyday greeting used only when people meet each other in the morning.
  2. ” is the respective form of ““. It is a respectful form of the second person pronoun ““. It is normally reserved for old people or elders. To show politeness, one may extend its use to his peers, especially when meeting them for the first time.
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4 thoughts on “Conversation – Greeting II”

  1. Hi, Min Min. For the Chinese words above in blue colour, I think that it might be better to not underlined as a horizontal line is also one of the Chinese strokes.

    1. Hi Brian,
      Thanks for you suggestion.
      You are right. If there is a horizontal line below the character, “干” will become “王”.
      I will try not to underline links for all the Chinese characters.

  2. Hi Min

    Is that you in the video above, speaking with an American
    accent? Whoever it is, she speaks pretty good English?

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