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Pronunciation : hǎo
Meaning :
  1. good, well, fine, nice. (adj)
  2. (used before adjectives with exclamatory force) very; quite; so. (adv)
  3. be ready; done. (adj)
Radical :
Strokes : 6
Traditional :
Usage : 61.8%
Also as : hào
1. Hello!
: you
: fine,good
2. How are you?
hǎo ma
: you
: fine,good
: particle (question tag)
3. Today is quite cold.
jīn tiān hǎo lěng
今天 : today
: quite, so, very
: cold
4. The clothes have been washed.
hǎo le
衣服 : clothes
: wash
好了 : ready, done
: past tense marker/modal particle

49 thoughts on “好”

  1. Dear Minmin, thankyou so much for creating this website, it’s really helping my Chinese learning, which I really need to improve for my work in China soon^^

  2. Dear MinMin,

    Your idear is so cool. Thank you so much. I am going to study study Chinese right now and everyday.

  3. hey!!!
    Im giving this another try ,
    im starting now from the beginning of your posts
    because i wasnt learning anything, i did but i would forget everything
    im losing hope, although i do recognise some characters now!
    wish me luck:))

  4. 你 好 Min Min, I have a question.

    On sentence number 4. Why is the word “clothes” said twice? Doesn’t 衣 and 服 both mean clothes? Do you have to use them together or can they be used separate. Like:

    服 洗 好 了


    衣 洗 好 了

    Just curious to know if this is proper or a mistake. 谢谢

    1. Hi mrkalifornia,
      You can say:
      衣 洗 好 了.
      but not
      服 洗 好 了.

      衣 can be used as a single word but not 服.
      服 has to be used with other character to form a word,
      e.g. 校服 (school uniform), 服装 (clothing; costume)

  5. I’m a new student in learning Mandarin and your website is very helpful. In fact, the e-book aided me in the first weeks of my class. Thanks for building this site as well as keeping it updated with new words and other activities that make learning Mandarin a lot enjoyable.

    1. Hi GingeePooh,
      Thanks finding my website useful to learn Chinese.
      Please do come back always.

  6. i am a new student of chinese and i wanted to take something online that is as organized as a university program. This is very well designed and a great idea. Xie Xie ni for doing this – I am so happy! I want to teach my son chinese also, he is three years old. is there a basic video or exercise that I can work with him, or is this good for him too? He has a friend in his daycare who speaks Chinese and I want him to learn and write some characters. I have a friend who is teaching him japanese character writing, but i dont want him to be confused.

  7. can i say 我好了 to say im done like for example
    mom: have you done your homework?
    me: 我好了。

  8. I am very happy that i found this site! I hope I will be soon able to write a letter in Chinese to my Chinese friend. I am sure he will be happy!

    Thank you for this site!

  9. I just love your website. It is so useful and simplified. I think you shoul develop an APP for ipad and android. I cannot thank you enough. You make chinese so interesting and fun. 😉

  10. I like your website. It is very much useful . I am very much interested in chinese Language. thanks a lot, you make it easy – vivek

  11. Min,
    Do you have reference download for chinese character stroke PDF ?
    i need full all character chinese.
    So i don’t need to open website to view the stroke order
    Thank you

  12. Hi,
    thank you for teaching and sharing this, Min.
    this is very helpful especially for a beginner like me 🙂
    Thanks alots ^^

    1. Hi Kurogane,
      I posted this character “好” 4+ years ago. The audios are not good quality.
      Hopefully in year 2014, I will find some free time to update all the low-quality audios that I created in year 2009.

    1. Hi Kim Sun Kyo,
      Thanks. I have entered more than 1600++ Chinese characters since the first day I started this website.
      I hope I can continue until 2000++

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