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Over the past few years (starting since May 2009), I have posted more than 1000 Chinese characters on learnchineseeveryday.com. Along the way, I have always been thinking ways to make the content more organized and systematic.

So I have compiled and reorganized the characters based on HSK (汉语水平考试) Level 1 and created this Common Chinese Words Book 1 application.

Learn Chinese HSK

By referencing to HSK Level 1 syllabus (what is HSK), here are some of the main features of the Common Chinese Words Book 1:

  • Based on HSK Level 1 – with 153 words and 6 extra words, a total of 159 Chinese words
  • More than 170 Chinese characters
  • Well-organized and divided into 30 lessons, with 5 to 6 words in each lesson
  • 30 brief and short grammar notes based on HSK Level 1
  • 30 Chinese character worksheets for all the words learnt in each lesson
  • Example sentences for each word
  • Keep track of Read, Unread and My Focus words

You can download the free Common Chinese Words Book 1 with 2 lessons included. Once you are certain that the book suits you, please support me by purchasing the full version license, it’s only USD 4.90.

free HSK lessons

Common Chinese Words application screenshot:

I look forward to your feedback and suggestions! Please feel free to write your questions, concerns, or new ideas in the comment section or email me here.

10 thoughts on “About Common Chinese Words”

  1. Hi Min Min,

    Thanks for this valuable information. Can you help me to find out where I can take the HSK in India? Unfortunately, I could not find that information on the webpage.

    Thanks a lot!

  2. Nu shi.
    Wo de mingze shi Amaresh Biswas. Wo hen sihuan zhongwen. Wo siyang, ni xue de han yu hen hao. Wo cheng cheng khan, ke shi wo bu zhidao, wo zenme neng xue duo hao de han yu. Qing ni xie wo. I think there are many mistake in my chinese. please do not mind. I think, your this site will certainly help me to learn better chinese.
    Thankyou- xie xie. zaijian

    1. Hi Amaresh,
      Thanks for visiting my site. Your Pinyin is not bad, even though some of the words I can’t really understand. 🙂

  3. Min Min nushi,
    Wo dao le ni de huida. Wo hen gaoxing. Wo shi indu ren. Nimen fangbian de ren. Hen duo nian yiqian, wo xue le hanyu. Wo hen ai nimen guojia de yuyan. Wo xuyao ni de jianyi zuo wo hanyu de shuiping gao. Wo you yi ben ying-han-ying cidian. Wo chang chang khan ta. Wo shi yi shi xue nimen guojia de yuyan.
    Xie xie. Zaijian.
    Ni de Amaresh

    1. Hi Eduardo,
      The pinyin ebook is in Onedrive. Please send me an email if you still have problem downloading the ebook.

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