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Pronunciation : pīng
Meaning :
  1. bang. (onomatopoeia)
  2. table tennis. (n)
Radical : 丿
Strokes : 6
Traditional :
Usage : 0.5%
Common Words / Phrases:
pīng pāng
: table tennis
1. The balloon exploded with a bang.
pīng de shēng qiú bào le
: bang
: (particle) used after an attribute; to
: one
: sound
气球 : ballon
: explode
: modal particle intensifying preceding clause
2. Lets play pingpong.
men lái wán pīng pāng ba
我们 : we
: come
: play
乒乓 : pingpong
: used at the end of a sentence, to indicate a suggestion, a request, or a command
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