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Pronunciation : fàn
Meaning :
  1. float. (v)
  2. suffuse. (v)
  3. flood. (v)
  4. superficially. (adj)
Radical :
Strokes : 7
Traditional :
Usage : 6.9%
Common Words / Phrases:
fàn làn
: overflow
1. The river overflowed.
shuĭ fàn làn
河水 : river
泛滥 : overflow
2. Drugs should not be allowed to spread unchecked.
néng ràng pĭn fàn làn
不能 : cannot
: let
毒品 : drug
泛滥 : overflow
3. Her cheeks have a rosy glow and pinkish hue.
de shuāng jiá fàn zhe méi guī de guāng
她的 : her
双颊 : cheeks
: suffuse
: verb plus 着 placed before another verb, indicating an accompanying action or state
玫瑰色 : rosy colour
: (particle) used after an attribute; to
光泽 : colour
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