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Pronunciation : shēng
Meaning :
  1. domestic animal. (n)
  2. animal sacrifice. (n)
Radical :
Strokes : 9
Traditional :
Usage : 4.9%
Common Words / Phrases:
xī shēng
: sacrifice oneself
shēng chù
: livestock
1. He lost his life saving the drowning child.
wèi le jiù dié luò shuǐ de hái zi ér shēng
: he
为了 : in order to
: save
跌落 : fall into
: water
: in; inside
: particle used after an attribute; to
孩子 : child
: and
牺牲 : sacrifice
2. The fence must be firm enough to prevent livestock from rushing out.
lán yào jiē shi fáng zhǐ shēng chù pǎo chū
畜栏 : fence
: must be
结实 : firm
: to
防止 : prevent
牲畜 : livestock
: run
出去 : out
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