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Pronunciation : xiáng
Meaning :
  1. detailed. (adj)
  2. explain. (v)
  3. know. (v)
Radical :
Strokes : 8
Traditional : ( Stroke Order )
Usage : 5.9%
Common Words / Phrases:
xiáng xì
: detailed
xiáng hé
: composed and kind
ān xiáng
: composed; leisurely
zhōu xiáng
: complete; careful
1. The boss requires a detailed report.
lǎo bǎn yào fèn xiáng de bào gào
老板 : boss
需要 : require
: one
: measure word
详细 : detailed
: particle used after an attribute; to
报告 : report
2. He recounted in detail how the incident occurred.
xiáng shù shì qing shēng de jīng guò
: he
详细 : in detail
叙述 : recount
事情 : incident
发生 : happen
: particle used after an attribute; to
经过 : course
3. He passed away peacefully in his bed.
zài chuáng shàng ān xiáng de shì
: he
: at
床上 : in the bed
安详 : peafully
: particle used after an attribute; to
去世 : pass away
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