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Pronunciation : zòu
Meaning :
  1. to play music. (v)
  2. to achieve. (v)
Radical :
Strokes : 9
Traditional :
Usage : 5.1%
Common Words / Phrases:
tán zòu
: play a stringed musical instrument
yǎn zòu
: perform; play
jié zòu
: rhythm
bàn zòu
: accompany
1. We will rise during the national anthem.
men zài guó zòu shí
我们 : we
: at
国歌 : national anthem
: play
: up
: when
起立 : stand up
2. This great musician gave an exquisite performance.
zhè wèi yīn yuè shī yǎn zòu de fēi cháng měi miào
: this
: measure word
音乐 : music
大师 : master
演奏 : play
: particle used to link a verb or an adjective to a complement which describes the manner or degree
非常 : very
美妙 : splendid
3. Look at the score and try to play that song.
kàn yuè yǎn zòu xià shǒu zi
: look at
乐谱 : score
演奏 : play
一下 : measure word
: that
: measure word
曲子 : song; music
4. I like the uptempo tune.
huan kuài jié zòu de diào
: I
喜欢 : like
: fast
节奏 : rhythm; tempo
: particle used after an attribute; to
曲调 : tune; music
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