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Pronunciation : níng
Meaning :
  1. to congeal. (v)
  2. to concentrate attention; to stare. (v)
Radical :
Strokes : 16
Traditional :
Usage : 4.6%
Common Words / Phrases:
níng gù
: solidify
níng jù
: embody
níng shì
: gaze
1. The jelly has not yet congealed.
guǒ dòng hái wèi níng
果冻 : jelly
: still
: not yet
凝固 : congeal
2. The cement has already set.
shuǐ jīng níng le
水泥 : cement
已经 : already
凝固 : congeal
: particle indicating that something has happened
3. The steam condensed into waterdrops.
shuǐ zhēng níng chéng shuǐ
水蒸气 : steam
凝聚 : condense
: become
水滴 : waterdrop
4. Dreams were the glue that held us together.
xiǎng shǐ men níng zài
理想 : dream
使 : make
我们 : we
凝聚 : embody
在一起 : together
5. He stared darkly at her.
tōu tōu de níng shì zhe
: he
偷偷 : secretly
: (particle) used after adverbial
凝视 : stare
: added to a verb or adjective to indicate a continued action or state
: her
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