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Pronunciation : zhǎi
Meaning :
  1. narrow; tight. (adj)
  2. narrow-minded. (adj)
  3. hard up; in straitened circumstances. (adj)
Radical :
Strokes : 10
Traditional :
Usage : 2.1%
Common Words / Phrases:
xiá zhǎi
: narrow
zhǎi xiǎo
: narrow and small
1. This road is narrow.
zhè tiáo hěn zhǎi
: this
: measure word
: road
: very
: narrow
2. This pair of shoes are too tight for me to put on.
zhè shuāng xié tài zhǎi le chuān xià
: this
: pair
: shoes
: too
: tight
: modal particle intensifying preceding clause
: I
穿不下 : can’t fit/put on
3. The street is quite narrow, and thronged with people.
zhè jiē dào hěn xiá zhǎi ér qiě mǎn le rén
: this
街道 : street
: is
狭窄 : narrow
而且 : and
挤满 : to be bursting with
: particle indicating that something has happened
: people
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