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Pronunciation :
Meaning :
  1. riddle. (n)
  2. mystery. (n)
Radical :
Strokes : 11
Traditional : ( Stroke Order )
Usage : 1.6%
Common Words / Phrases:
mí yǔ
: riddle
mí dǐ
: answer to a riddle
1. Their motives remain a mystery.
men de dòng réng rán shì
他们的 : their
动机 : motive
仍然 : still
: is
: measure word
: mystery
2. The mystery remains to be dissolved.
shàng dài jiě kāi
那个 : that
: mystery
尚待 : still need; still need to wait for
解开 : dissolve
3. He guessed the riddle correctly.
cāi zhòng le
: he
: guess
: correctly
: particle indicating that something has happened
谜语 : riddle
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