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Pronunciation : shuāi
Meaning :
  1. declining. (adj)
  2. to decline; to wane; to become weak or feeble. (v)
Radical :
Strokes : 10
Traditional :
Usage : 4.2%
Notes : also as cuī
Common Words / Phrases:
shuāi lǎo
: old and feeble; decrepit; senile
shuāi ruò
: weak; feeble
shuāi tuì
: to decline; to fall; to drop
1. Regular exercise can delay the ageing process.
jīng cháng yùn dòng yán huǎn shuāi lǎo guò chéng
经常 : always
运动 : exercise
可以 : can
延缓 : delay
衰老 : aging; old and feeble
过程 : process
2. His body was just breaking down towards the end.
de shēn zhèng zài zhú jiàn shuāi ruò
他的 : his
身体 : body
正在 : right now
逐渐 : slowly
衰弱 : weak; feeble
3. I am suffering a nervous breakdown
le shén jīng shuāi ruò
: I
得了 : to catch (a disease)
神经 : nerve
衰弱 : weak; feeble
4. Memory slowly deteriorates with age.
suí zhe nián líng de zēng zhǎng ér zhú jiàn shuāi tuì
记忆力 : memory
随着 : follow
年龄 : age
: particle used after an attribute; to
增长 : increase
: and
逐渐 : slowly
衰退 : decline; deteriorate
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