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Pronunciation : xié
Meaning :
  1. inclined; slanting; oblique; tilting. (adj)
Radical :
Strokes : 11
Traditional :
Usage : 3.8%
Common Words / Phrases:
xié pō
: slope
qīng xié
: to incline; to lean; to slant; to slope; to tilt
1. The lines on the sheet of paper are skewed.
zhǐ shàng tiáo xiàn shì xié de
: paper
: on
: particle used after an attribute; to
: that
: measure word
线 : line
: is
: inclined; slanting; oblique; tilting
: used at the end of a declarative sentence for emphasis
2. He toed into the table legs.
dīng zi xié zhe dīng jìn le zhuō tuǐ
: he
: particle used to shift the object to before the verb
钉子 : (n) nail
: inclined; slanting; oblique; tilting
: added to a verb or adjective to indicate a continued action or state
: (v) nail
: into; in
: particle indicating that something has happened
桌腿 : table legs
3. The children ran down the hill at full speed.
hái men kuài de pǎo xià xié
孩子们 : the childrend
快速 : rapidly, at full speed
: (particle) used after adverbial
: run
: down
斜坡 : slope
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