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Pronunciation : wéi
Meaning :
    Radical :
    Strokes : 11
    Traditional :
    Usage : 9.5%
    Common Words / Phrases:
    wéi yī
    : single; only; sole
    wéi yǒu
    : only
    1. It is only reform that can bring us development.
    wéi yǒu gǎi cái néng duàn zhǎn
    唯有 : only
    改革 : reformation
    : only
    : can
    不断 : keep on
    发展 : develop
    2. He was the only survivor.
    shì wéi de xìng cún zhě
    : he
    : is
    唯一 : the only
    : particle used after an attribute; to
    幸存者 : survivor
    3. This is the only dress that I can wear.
    zhè shì wéi jiàn néng chuān de fu
    : this
    : is
    唯一 : only
    : one
    : measure word
    : I
    : can
    穿 : wear
    : particle used after an attribute; to
    衣服 : dress
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