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Pronunciation : shù
Meaning :
  1. tie; bind. (v)
  2. restrain; control; restrict. (v)
  3. bunch. (measure word)
  4. bundles; bunches. (n)
Radical :
Strokes : 7
Traditional :
Usage : 10.9%
Common Words / Phrases:
jié shù
: end
jū shù
: restrain; stiffness
yuē shù
: bind; commit; check; restrain
shù fù
: to bind; to restrict; to tie; to commit; fetters
1. He gave his wife a big bunch of flowers.
sòng gěi zi shù xiān huā
: he
送给 : give
妻子 : wife
: one
: big
: measure word
鲜花 : flowers
2. I can see the game is over.
yóu jié shù le
游戏 : game
结束 : end
: particle indicating that something has happened
3. I was feeling at home in my new apartment.
zài xīn fáng gǎn jué shù
: I
: at
: new
: house; room
: in; inside
感觉 : feel
无拘无束 : uncorseted;be free and easy;unrestrained
4. Will this never end?
shén me shí hòu cái néng jié shù ?
什么时候 : when
: only
: can
结束 : end
: question tag
5. The dreaded war was finally coming to an end.
de zhàn zhēng zhōng jié shù le
可怕 : awful; dreadful
: particle used after an attribute; to
战争 : war
终于 : finally
结束 : end
: particle indicating that something has happened
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