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Pronunciation : shuài
Meaning :
  1. lead; command. (v)
  2. rash; hasty. (adj)
  3. frank; straightforward. (adj)
  4. [Literary] generally; usually. (adv)
Radical :
Strokes : 11
Traditional :
Usage : 19.5%
Notes : also as lǜ
Common Words / Phrases:
shuài lǐng
: lead; head; command
shuài xiān
: take the lead in doing sth.; be the first to do sth.
shuài zhí
: straightforward; blunt
cǎo shuài
: carelessly; perfunctorily
zhí shuài
: frank; candid; straight forward
1. He heads the troops in the attack on the enemy.
shuài lǐng jūn duì jìn gōng rén
: he
率领 : head
军队 : troop
进攻 : attack
敌人 : enemy
2. Marriage is a big deal. You should never go into it rashly.
jié hūn shì rén shēng shì jué néng cǎo shuài
结婚 : marriage
: is
人生 : life
大事 : major event; major political event (war or change of regime)
: absolutely; by no means
不能 : cannot
草率 : hasty; rash
3. He is a downright honest person.
shì zhí shuài de lǎo shí rén
: he
: is
: one
: measure word
直率 : frank; candid; straight forward
: particle used after an attribute; to
老实人 : honest person
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