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Pronunciation : zuò
Meaning :
  1. place; seat. (n)
  2. base; pedestal; stand. (n)
  3. a constellation in the sky. (n)
  4. a classifier for mountains, buildings, and big things. (measure word)
Radical : 广
Strokes : 10
Traditional :
Usage : 14.4%
Common Words / Phrases:
zuò wèi
: seat; place
bǎo zuò
: throne; seat of power
jiǎng zuò
: a course of lectures
xīng zuò
: constellation
zài zuò
: be present
zuò yòu míng
: motto; maxim
1. There are serial numbers on the seats. You should sit according to the numbers.
zuò wèi shàng dōu yǒu hào men duì hào zuò
座位 : seat
: on
: all
: have
序号 : number
你们 : you
对号入座 : to take one’s seat according to the number on one’s ticket.
2. Many of you are old faces to me.
zài zuò de duō tóng xué dōu shì lǎo miàn kǒng
在座 : be present
: particle used after an attribute; to
许多 : many
同学 : classmate
: all
: is
: old
面孔 : face
3. Welcome back to my lecture.
huān yíng jiā zài lái tīng de jiǎng zuò
欢迎 : welcome
大家 : everybody
再次 : once more; a second time; once again
: come
: listen
我的 : my
讲座 : lecture; talk
4. There is a temple on that hill.
zài zuò shān shàng yǒu zuò miào
: at
: that
: measure word
: hill
: on
: have
: one
: temple
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