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Pronunciation : cháo
Meaning :
  1. imperial or royal court; dynasty. (n)
  2. an emperor’s reign. (n)
  3. to make a pilgrimage to. (v)
  4. face. (v)
  5. facing; towards. (prep)
Radical :
Strokes : 12
Traditional :
Usage : 20.6%
Notes : also as zhāo
Common Words / Phrases:
cháo tíng
: imperial court; imperial government
cháo yě
: the government and the people; the court and the commonalty
cháo xiàng
: open on to; face; orientation
wáng cháo
: dynasty; imperial court
1. We can compare the Han Dynasty to the Romans.
men jiào xià hàn cháo luó wáng cháo
我们 : we
可以 : can
比较 : compare
一下 :
汉朝 : Han Dynasty
: and
罗马 : Roman
王朝 : dynasty; imperial court
2. The houses fronted on Queen’s Street.
zhè xiē fáng zi cháo xiàng huáng hòu jiē
这些 : these
房子 : house
朝向 : face towards
皇后 : queen
大街 : street
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