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Pronunciation : lìng
Meaning :
  1. to order; to command. (v)
  2. cause somebody to; make. (v)
  3. order; command; decree. (n)
  4. your (used before certain relationship terms when referring to a member of a friend’s family). (adj)
Radical :
Strokes : 5
Traditional :
Usage : 30.2%
Common Words / Phrases:
mìng lìng
: order; directive
xià lìng
: direct; give orders
zǒng sī lìng
: commander-in-chief
lìng láng
: your beloved son
lìng zūn
: your beloved father
1. We still haven’t received the order from above.
men hái méi jiē dào shàng de mìng lìng
我们 : we
: still
: haven’t
接到 : receive
上级 : above
: particle used after an attribute; to
命令 : order
2. The general told the soldiers that they had to prepare for the attack.
jiāngj ūn mìng lìng shì bīng men zhǔn bèi jìn gōng
将军 : general
命令 : order
士兵们 : soldiers
准备 : prepare
进攻 : attack
3. What he did has really aroused our great resentment.
de xíng wéi zhēn lìng rén gǎn fèn
他的 : his
行为 : behaviour
: really
令人 : (used in conjunction with a verb) cause someone to (be, feel, etc)
感愤 : to be excited and indignant about something unfair
4. I was surprised by her unexpected appearance.
de chū xiàn lìng gǎn dào wài
她的 : her
出现 : appearance
: cause somebody to; make
: me
感到 : feel
意外 : unexpected
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