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Pronunciation : chǐ
Meaning :
  1. a traditional uinit of length (a Chinese foot; one-third of a meter). (measure word)
  2. ruler; rule. (n)
Radical :
Strokes : 4
Traditional :
Usage : 5.6%
Notes : also as chě
Common Words / Phrases:
chǐ cun
: size; dimension; measurement
gōng chǐ
: meter
yīng chǐ
: foot (unit of length equal to 0.3048 m)
1. She is six feet tall.
shēn gāo liù chǐ
: she
身高 : height (of a person); stature
: six
: foot
2. Give me a ruler.
gěi chǐ
: give
: me
: one
: measure word
: ruler
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