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Pronunciation : lìng
Meaning :
  1. in addition; besides. (adv)
  2. in place of that. (adv)
  3. (used with nouns) different; other. (pro)
Radical :
Strokes : 5
Traditional :
Usage : 24.7%
Common Words / Phrases:
lìng wài
: additional; in addition; besides;
1. Please give me another one.
qǐng gěi lìng
: please
: give
: me
: (used with nouns) different; other
: one
: measure word
另一个 : another one
2. There is mercury on the other side of this mirror.
jìng zi de lìng biān shì shuǐ yín
镜子 : mirror
: particle used after an attribute; to
: other
一边 : side
: is
水银 : mercury
3. I’ll take the call in the other room.
dào lìng wài fáng jiān jiē diàn huà
: I
: go
另外 : other
: one
: measure word
房间 : room
: take
电话 : call
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