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Pronunciation : shuǎ
Meaning :
  1. play (of children). (v)
  2. mess … around. (v)
  3. to act (cool etc); to display (a skill, one’s temper etc). (v)
Radical :
Strokes : 9
Traditional :
Usage : 2.1%
Common Words / Phrases:
wán shuǎ
: to enjoy oneself; an entertainment; to play (of children)
shuǎ lài
: to act unreasonably and shamelessly; to get away with something
1. Don’t play at the waterside. You might fall into the water!
yào zài shuǐ biān wán shuǎ xiǎo xīn diào xià
不要 : don’t
: at
水边 : waterside
玩耍 : play
小心 : be careful
: fall
下去 : down
2. Don’t think you can mess us around!
bié xiǎng shuǎ men
: you
: don’t
: think
: mess … around
我们 : we, us
3. Don’t play those petty tricks again.
bié zài shuǎ xiǎo cōng míng le
: don’t
: again
: to act (cool etc); to display (a skill, one’s temper etc)
小聪明 : cleverness in trivial matters; petty trick
: (particle) indicating a request or a command
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