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Pronunciation : chū
Meaning :
  1. original. (n)
  2. first; (at the) beginning. (adj)
  3. primary. (adj)
  4. early. (adj)
Radical :
Strokes : 7
Traditional :
Usage : 18.2%
Common Words / Phrases:
dāng chū
: originally; at that time
zuì chū
: initial; first; original
qǐ chū
: originally; at first
chū bù
: initial
chū liàn
: just fall in love; first lover
chū qī
: initial stage; early days
chū cì
: the first time
1. It was the beginning of 1982 when I met him for the first time.
chū jiàn miàn shì zài nián nián chū
1 9 8 2
: I
: and
: he
初次 : first time
见面 : meet
: is
: at
: year
年初 : the beginning of the year
2. I will lead a group of people on duty on the lunar New Year’s Day.
nián chū yóu dài bān
大年初一 : first day of the lunar year; lunar New Year’s Day
: by (introduces passive verb)
: I
带班 : to be the head of staff on duty.
3. The boy has become more and more rebellious since he went to junior school.
cóng shàng le chū zhōng ér zi yuè lái yuè fǎn le
自从 : since
: go to
: particle indicating that something has happened
初中 : junior school
儿子 : son; boy
越来越 : more and more
反逆 : rebellious
: modal particle intensifying preceding clause
4. He regrets not having gone after her.
hòu huǐ dāng chū méi yǒu zhuī qiú
: he
后悔 : regret
当初 : originally; at that time
没有 : not
追求 : chase after
: she; her
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