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Pronunciation : guāi
Meaning :
  1. (of a child) obedient, well-behaved. (adj)
  2. clever; shrewd. (adj)
  3. abnormal; irregular. (adj)
  4. violate. (v)
Radical : 丿
Strokes : 8
Traditional :
Usage : 1.6%
Common Words / Phrases:
guāi qiǎo
: clever (child); smart; lovable; cute
guāi guai
: well-behaved; obedient
1. The child held his mother’s hand and went home obediently.
xiǎo hái qiān zhe ma de shǒu guāi guāi de huí jiā le
小孩 : child
: hold
: added to a verb or adjective to indicate a continued action or state
妈妈 : mother
: particle used after an attribute; to
: hand
乖乖 : obedient
: (particle) used after adverbial
回家 : go home
: particle indicating that something has happened
2. My children are really good.
men hái zi bié guāi
我们 : our
孩子 : children; child
特别 : really
: (of a child) obedient, well-behaved
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