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Pronunciation :
Meaning :
  1. mean; namely; that is;. (v)
  2. to approach; to come into contact. (v)
  3. at present. (adj)
  4. immediately; at once; instantly. (adv)
Radical :
Strokes : 7
Traditional :
Usage : 35.9%
Common Words / Phrases:
jí shǐ
: even if; even though
jí jiāng
: soon; be about to
jí kè
: at once; instantly
jí rì
: this very day
lì jí
: immediately; instantly
1. From her point of view, marriage means having children.
duì lái shuō jié hūn shēng ér
对…来说 : for
: her
结婚 : marriage
: mean
生儿育女 : refers to giving birth to children
2. Even if he comes, it still won’t be of any use.
shǐ lái le bāng shàng máng
即使 : even if
: he
: come
: (particle) used for an anticipated or presupposed action
: also
帮忙 : help
不上 : unable to. (When placed behind a verb, 不上 has a meaning of “unable to achieve” + verb)
3. The government is going to implement the new policies.
zhèng jiāng shí shī xīn zhèng
政府 : government
即将 : is going to
实施 : implement
新政 : new policies
4. As soon as he got the message he returned the call.
tīng dào liú yán hòu huí le diàn huà
听到 : heard
留言 : message
: after
: he
立即 : immediately; instantly
: reply; return
: particle indicating that something has happened
电话 : call; phone
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  1. ni3 hao3 Min Min!

    Thank you for make this site! It is really helpfull to learn (my family is chinese but i was born and live at Brazil) how to write in chinese.

    I tried to learn when I was young but i gave up. I expect to read a newspaper or a book in chinese in one year or two of studies.

    I’m studying everyday, but when I try to read a phrase without the piyin, i can’t. Or if i try to write a phrase with words that i learnt, i can’t remenber all the words 🙁

    How can i do?

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