Exercise – 听写 46

Chinese Dictation

  • 听写 (tīng xiě)means dictation. “” means listen while “” means write.
  • You can get all the previous dictation exercises here.
  • There are 10 words for this dictation.
  • Click on the play to listen and write down the characters on a paper. Replay the audio if you can’t get the words.
  • You can check the answers at the end of the post.
  • Here we go.
  • Have a nice weekend. Happy learning.

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6 thoughts on “Exercise – 听写 46”

  1. hi min min
    I ‘ve problem with pinyin b & p, g & k, d & t and also with z,c,s,zh,sh and ch when these forms a word. For example it’s a bit difficult for me distinguish between shang, cang,zang,cang or ban and pan
    I need your helps and suggestions to overcome this problem
    thanks a lot
    Toto djadjame

    1. thanks a lot for your reply MIn and i think your classification (z & zh, s & sh, c & ch) will help me a lot. I have already download your ebook . By the way I think I’ve making a lot of progress for the case ( b & p,g & k,d & t)
      One more time thanks
      PS: Just to tell you that I’m a chinese selflearner.I issued myself this great challenge ” learn chinese myself by using Ressources from Internet”. I ‘m making a lot of progress thanks to people like you and I’m very grateful

  2. one more think min min, i’m in search of a web site where I can discuss with chinese online. Any website to suggest me?

    1. Hi Toto,
      You can google “chinese language forum”.
      It will give you a few good forum site.
      Maybe I can create a forum site here…

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