Exercise : 同音字 (Homophones) II

  • All languages have homophones (同音字), but in Chinese they are especially abundant.
  • The Cihai (辞海 “sea of words”) dictionary lists 149 characters representing the syllable “yì”, e.g. 一, 意, 亦 etc.
  • In studying Chinese, we must distinguish between homophones.
  • Below are words that have the same pronunciation, but different meanings. Try to select the correct answer.
1.   已 经 融 化 了 。
2. 空 气 中 充 满 花 的   芳 。
3. 这 个 测 验 很  
4. 他 像 猴 子 那 么   皮 !
5. 我 不 会 下  

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