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Pronunciation : nàn
Meaning :
  1. disaster; distress; trouble. (n)
  2. blame; scold. (v)
Radical :
Strokes : 10
Traditional : ( Stroke Order )
Usage : 35.7%
Notes : also as nán
Common Words / Phrases:
nàn mín
: refugee
zāi nàn
: calamity; catastrophe; disaster
kǔ nàn
: pain; sufferings; misery
diāo nàn
: create difficulties; make things difficult
1. The hurricane created a total disaster.
fēng zào chéng le chǎng zāi nán
飓风 : hurricane
造成 : cause; create
: particle indicating that something has happened
: one
: measure word
巨大 : big
灾难 : disaster
2. The disaster resulted in substantial losses for our company.
zāi nán gěi men gōng zào chéng le zhòng sǔn shī
灾难 : calamity; catastrophe; disaster
: for, to
我们 : our
公司 : company
造成 : cause
: particle indicating that something has happened
重大 : big
损失 : loss
3. Those who survive a catastrophe are bound to have good fortune later on.
nàn yǒu hòu
大难 : catastrophe; big disaster
: not
: die
: must
: have
: after
: good fortune
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