Chinese Idiom : 马马虎虎

  • 成语 chéng yǔ (literally “set phrases”) or Chinese idioms are a type of traditional Chinese idiomatic expressions, most of which consist of four characters.
  • We have learnt a few idioms here.
  • Today we are going to learn another idiom ” 马马虎虎 “。
马马虎虎 (mǎ mǎ hū hū)
meaning: 1. careless; casual; sloppy
  2. not too bad, not too good; just so-so
( mǎ ) : horse link
( hǔ ) : tiger link


The service at that restaurant is fair.
He does his work anyhow.
He’s a rather careless person.

* Note : In Chinese, the phrase ” 马虎 (mǎ hu) ” and “ 马马虎虎 ” both can refer to people who are careless.

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