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Pronunciation : zěn
Meaning :
  1. why; how. (pro)
Radical :
Strokes : 9
Traditional :
Usage : 30%
Common Words / Phrases:
zěn me
: how; what; why; however
zěn yàng
: how
zěn me yàng
: how; couldn’t be
zěn me bàn
: what can be done? what should we do?
1. Why weren’t you in class yesterday?
zuó tiān zěn me méi lái shàng ?
: you
昨天 : yesterday
怎么 : why
: do not
: come
上课 : attend class
2. What on earth has happened here?
zhè dào shì zěn me huí shì
: this
到底 : on earth
: is
怎么 : what
一回事 : the same thing; one thing
3. This book isn’t that interesting
zhè běn shū zěn me hǎo kàn
: this
: measure word
: book
: not
怎么 : (used in the negative as an understatement) (not) very
好看 : interesting
4. How has he been doing?
zuì jìn zěn yàng
: he
最近 : recently
怎样 : how
5. I really don’t know what to do.
zhēn zhī dào gāi zěn me bàn
: I
: really
不知道 : don’t know
: should
怎么办 : what to do
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