Characters with Radical Worm (虫)

  • We have learnt the character , which means worm or insert. It can act as a radical to form words which are related to worm or insert.
  • When it acts as a radical, it is called  虫字旁 ( chóng zì páng ).

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  • Here are some of the characters with radical 虫. Some are are related to insert and some are not:
    Character Pinyin Meaning Pronunciation Link
    suī although
    róng melt; blend
    chǔn stupid
    shé snake
    蚁蚂 mǎ yǐ ant
    蚊子 wén zi mosquito
    苍蝇 cāng yíng fly
    蜈蚣 wú gōng centipede
    蜘蛛 zhī zhū spider
    蟑螂 zhāng láng cockroach
    蜻蜓 qīng tíng dragonfly
    fēng bee
    蝴蝶 hú dié butterfly
    é moth
    shī louse
    xiā shrimp
    xiè crab


  • Happy learning!

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