Exercise : Similar Chinese Characters 2

  • Some Chinese characters are easily confused, because they look very similar.
  • Find out how well you can to distinguish between the similar Chinese characters.
1.   要 去 买 东 西。
2. 他 在   工 作 。
3. 一 个 杯 子 掉 在   上 。
4.   很 有 钱 。
5. 他 是 我 的 丈  
6.   好 像 要 下 雨 。
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4 thoughts on “Exercise : Similar Chinese Characters 2”

  1. hi min
    I beg your pardon for asking you something wich are not link to any topic on this website
    I want to know how to embbed audio in pdf as you did in” learn hanyu pinyin in 24 days”
    I want to make a document with audios files clikable but I am not succed till now. I will be very grateful reciving your help
    thanks in advance
    toto djadjame

    1. I used Adobe Acrobat Professional to embed the audios. You need to have the software installed.

    1. Hi toto djadjame,
      I created the pdf quite long time ago. If not mistaken, after opening the PDF, select Tools -> Advance Editing. Add the multimedia object.
      Hope this help. By the way, I am using Acrobat 8.1 version.

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