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Pronunciation : liù
Meaning :
  1. six. (num)
Radical : 八; 亠
Strokes : 4
Traditional :
Usage : 25.1%
Notes : also as lù
Common Words / Phrases:
liù fǔ
: six hollow organs
liù gǔ
: six crops
1. The entire crew includes three drivers, and six conductors.
zhè chē bāo kuò sān liù shòu piào yuán
这个 : this
车组 : crew
包括 : inlcudes
三个 : three
司机 : driver
: and
六个 : six
售票员 : conductor
2. Mother cut the cake into six equal pieces.
qīn dàn gāo qiē chéng xiàng děng de liù kuài
母亲 : mother
: prep. marker for direct-object.
蛋糕 : cake
切成 : cut into
相等 : equal
: (particle) used after an attribute; to
六块 : six pieces
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