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Pronunciation : wàn
Meaning :
  1. ten thousand. (numerical)
  2. definitely. (adv)
Radical :
Strokes : 3
Traditional : ( Stroke Order )
Usage : 33.8%
Notes : also as mò; mǒ
Common Words / Phrases:
wàn bān
: all teh different kinds; utterly; extremely
wàn fēn
: extremely; very much
wàn néng
: omnipotent; all-powerful
wàn shì
: all things; everything
wàn yī
: just in case
1. I had absolutely no idea that he was so rude.
wàn wàn méi xiǎng dào zhè me
: I
万万 : absolutely
没想到 : no idea; never thought of
: he
这么 : so
无礼 : rude
2. They spent over one million dollars on the campaign.
men huā le bǎi duō wàn měi yuán jìng xuǎn
他们 : they
: spent
: (particle) indicating that something has happened or is about to happen
一百多万 : over one million
美元 : dollar
竞选 : campaign
3. In case I forget,please remind me about it.
wàn wàng le qǐng xǐng
万一 : In case
: I
: forget
: (particle) indicating that something has happened or is about to happen
: please
提醒 : remind
: me
4. She was so excited by the good news.
tīng dào zhè hǎo xiāo xīn wàn fèn
: she
听到 : hear
: this
好消息 : good news
欣喜 : excited
万分 : very much
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