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Pronunciation : chā
Meaning :
  1. cross. (n)
  2. fork. (n)
  3. intersect. (v)
Radical :
Strokes : 3
Traditional :
Usage : 21.0%
Notes : also as chá; chǎ; chà; chāi
Common Words / Phrases:
dāo chā
: knife and fork
jiāo chā
: intersect; overlapping
1. They were standing in the river spearing fish.
men zhàn zài chā
他们 : they
: standing
: at
河里 : river
: spear
: fish
2. He eats with knife and fork.
yòng dāo chā chī fàn
: he
: use
刀叉 : knife ansd fork
吃饭 : eat
3. Two cars collided at the intersection.
liǎng liàng chē zài jiāo chā kǒu xiàng zhuàng
: two
: measured word
: car
: at
交叉囗 : intersection
相撞 : collide
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