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Pronunciation : zhàn
Meaning :
  1. occupy; seize; take. (v)
Radical :
Strokes : 5
Traditional :
Usage : 16.2%
Notes : also as zhān
Common Words / Phrases:
zhàn lǐng
: capture
zhàn xiān
: take the lead
zhàn yǒu
: possess; occupy
zhàn pián yi
: take advantage of
1. The enemy occupied the town after a violent attack.
rén měng gōng hòu zhàn lǐng le zhè chéng zhèn
敌人 : enemy
猛攻 : violent attack
: after
占领 : occupy
: (particle) indicating that something has happened or is about to happen
这个 : this
城镇 : town
2. The company’s domination of the market is based on the high quality of its products.
gōng píng jiè gāo zhì liàng de chǎn pǐn zhàn lǐng shì chǎng
公司 : company
凭借 : based on
: high
质量 : quality
: (particle) used after an attribute; to
产品 : product
占领 : dominate; occupy
市场 : market
3. Your army has numerical superiority over theirs.
men xiàng men de jun1 duì zhàn yǒu rén shù yōu shì
: with
他们 : they
相比 : compare
你们 : you all
: (particle) used after an attribute; to
军队 : army
占有 : possess
人数 : number of people
优势 : advantage
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