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Pronunciation : tíng
Meaning :
  1. hall. (n)
  2. courtyard. (n)
  3. law court. (n)
Radical : 广
Strokes : 9
Traditional :
Usage : 12.0%
Notes : also as tìng
Common Words / Phrases:
tíng yuàn
: court; courtyard
fǎ tíng
: court; tribunal
jiā tíng
: family; household
dà tíng -guǎng zhòng
: on a public occasion
1. Soldiers view the army as a harmonious community.
jun1 rén men duì dāng chéng jiā tíng
军人们 : soldiers
: prep. marker for direct-object.
部队 : army
当成 : view…as
: a
: measured word
: big
家庭 : family
2. The findings of the court will be announced on Wednesday.
tíng de cái jué jiāng xīng sān gōng
法庭 : court
: (particle) used after an attribute; to
裁决 : decision
: will be
: at
星期三 : Wednesday
公布 : announced
3. She is afraid to speak before the crowd.
gǎn zài tíng guǎng zhòng miàn qián jiǎng huà
: she
不敢 : afraid of
: at
大庭广众 : on a public ocassion
面前 : in front of
讲话 : speak
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