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Pronunciation : shī
Meaning :
  1. poetry. (n)
Radical : 讠; 寺
Strokes : 8
Traditional : ( Stroke Order )
Usage : 12.5%
Common Words / Phrases:
shī gē
: poem and songs; poetry
shī rén
: poet
xiě shī
: compose a poem
1. My little daughter likes reciting poetry in public
de xiǎo ér huān dāng zhòng bèi sòng shī
: my
: (particle) used after an attribute; to
: little
女儿 : daughter
喜欢 : like
当众 : in public
背诵 : recite
诗歌 : poem
2. He is one of the best-known poets of today.
shì dāng dài zuì shèng míng de shī rén zhī
: he
: is
当代 : today
最负盛名 : best known
: (particle) used after an attribute; to
诗人 : poet
之一 : one of the
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8 thoughts on “诗”

  1. Ni Hao Min Min.

    I would like to translate my name into Chinese language. I tried to translate my name in Google Translate. But I’m not so sure what is my name actually means in Chinese. And also, I’m not truly confident whether the spelling is correct or vice versa. My question is, did Google Translate translation really accurate enough to translate my name in Chinese? If not, can you show me my name (the correct way) in Chinese?

    My name is: Muhammad Aliff

    [BTW, I’m currently restarting learn Chinese because my Chinese learning progress halted a few months ago. So, I almost forgot a few Chinese characters I learned.]


      1. Thanks! And I would like to know how can we create chinese worksheets just like you did? I bet to create my own worksheets to practice my Traditional Chinese writing. Then, I found some websites on Google to create them online, such as Hanzi Grids, Arch Chinese and Hanlexon. Although sign-up process is a must, I don’t mind about it, but they require payment to create them. I can’t afford them since the payment value is very very expensive. Is there any free alternatives to create such worksheets?

        Can I have some information about your software you used to create chinese worksheets? My email is: But is it totally free to use?

        1. Hi Muhammad,
          I use a software to generate the worksheet. I bought the software few years ago and it not free.
          Let me know what words you want to learn, and I can generate a few for you FOC.

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