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Pronunciation : tūn
Meaning :
  1. swallow. (v)
  2. take over. (v)
Radical :
Strokes : 7
Traditional :
Usage : 3.7%
Common Words / Phrases:
tūn bìng
: merger; take position of
tūn mò
: embezzle; misappropriate; engulf
tūn tǔ
: swallow and spit; mince the word
sī tūn
: substraction
1. He goes at such a leisurely pace in doing everything.
zuò shí me shì qíng dōu shì zhè yàng màn tūn tūn de
: he
: do
什么事情 : everything
: always
: is
这样 : such a
慢吞吞 : leisurely pace
: (particle) used after an attribute; to
2. This big colorful cat ate the little mouse in just one gulp.
zhè zhī huā māo kǒu jiù xiǎo lǎo shǔ tūn diào le
: this
: measured word
大花猫 : big colorful cat
一口 : one gulp
: prep. marker for direct-object.
小老鼠 : little mouse
吞掉 : swallow
: (particle) indicating that something has happened or is about to happen
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