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Pronunciation : mǒu
Meaning :
    Radical :
    Strokes : 9
    Traditional :
    Usage : 23.5%
    Notes : also as méi
    Common Words / Phrases:
    mǒu gè
    : so-and-so
    mǒu rén
    : a certain person; some
    mǒu xiē
    : certain; a few
    1. A media company is planning on shooting a series of documentary of drama.
    mǒu chuán méi gōng zhèng yào chóu pāi de piàn
    : some
    传媒公司 : media company
    正要 : now
    筹拍 : planning
    : one
    : measured word
    戏曲 : drama
    : (particle) used after an attribute; to
    纪录片 : documentary
    2. I ran into him sometime last month.
    zài shàng yuè de mǒu shí hòu pèng jiàn guò
    : I
    : at
    上个月 : last month
    : (particle) used after an attribute; to
    某个 : some
    时候 : time
    碰见 : meet
    : have
    : him
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    2 thoughts on “某”

    1. If I may correct the English translations..:
      1. A media company is right now planning on shooting a drama documentary series.
      2. I ran into him sometime last month.

      Otherwise another interesting character I wasn’t aware of. Thank you!

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