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Pronunciation : xīn
Meaning :
  1. gald; joyful. (v)
  2. appreciate. (adj)
Radical : 欠; 斤
Strokes : 8
Traditional :
Usage : 5.3%
Common Words / Phrases:
xīn shǎng
: admire ;appreciate; enjoy; take pleasure in
xīn wèi
: be gratified
xīn xǐ
: glad; joyful
1. His friends all greatly admired his learning.
péng yǒu men dōu fēi cháng xīn shǎng de cái xué
朋友们 : friends
: all
非常 : very
欣赏 : admire
: he
: (particle) used after an attribute; to
才学 : learning
2. He was excited and joyful at the success.
yīn chéng gōng ér dòng xīn
: he
: because of
成功 : success
: so
激动 : excited
欣喜 : joyful
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