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Pronunciation : āi
Meaning :
  1. oh. (interjection)
  2. hey. (interjection)
Radical :
Strokes : 8
Traditional :
Usage : 2.0%
Common Words / Phrases:
āi yā
: ow; hey; oh
āi yō
: oho
1. Oh, I didn’t know the price is so high!
āi ya ! méi xiǎng dào jià zhè me gāo
哎呀 : oh
: didn’t
想到 : think of
价格 : price
这么 : so
: high
2. Ouch! The sand is so hot!
āi ! shā zhè me tàng
哎哟 : ouch
沙子 : sand
这么 : so
: hot
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