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Pronunciation : fēng
Meaning :
  1. mad; crazy. (adj)
  2. madly. ()
Radical :
Strokes : 9
Traditional : ( Stroke Order )
Usage : 5.1%
Common Words / Phrases:
fēng kuáng
: insane
fēng zi
: madman
fā fēng
: go mad; go crazy
1. She keeps crying and shouting like a mad woman.
tíng de jiào xiàng le fēng yàng
: she
不停 : without stop
: (particle) used after adverbial
哭叫 : to cry; to shout.
: like
: (particle) used after an action that has taken place
发疯 : go mad; go crazy
一样 : alike; as…as..
2. He’s mad.
shì fēng zi
: he
: is
疯子 : lunatic
3. All this work is driving me crazy.
zhè xiē gōng zuò kuài fēng le
这些 : these
工作 : work
: almost
: used to shift the object to before the verb, which must be accompanied by some other expression.
: I
: force
: crazy
: (particle) used after an action that has taken place
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