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Pronunciation : zhuán
Meaning :
  1. biography. (n)
  2. tale. (n)
Radical :
Strokes : 6
Traditional : ( Stroke Order )
Usage : 33.1%
Notes : also as chuán
Common Words / Phrases:
zhuàn jì
: biography
zì zhuàn
: autobiography
zhèng zhuàn
: subject
1. He began writing his autobiography after retirement.
tuì xiū hòu kāi shǐ xiě zhuàn
退休 : retire; retirement
: after
: he
开始 : start
: write
自传 : autobiography
2. Stories of Chinese Legends: The Legend of White Snake.
zhōng guó chuán shuō shì : bái shé zhuàn
中国 : China
传说 : lore; legend
故事 : story
白蛇传 : The Legend of the White Snake
白蛇 : white snake
: tale
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4 thoughts on “传”

  1. Min Min, Love the site. Can you please tell me if there is any correct formal way to introduce ones self within the Chinese Culture. Say you would be at a Rotary Style or a class, meeting for the first time and comes the time to introduce ones self to the members/class of who you are , what you do, your family detail and general information ie good Morning, my name is … my job is…. I live in… my hobbies are and etc. It hard to believe but it happens you freeze to know what to say. If there is a format I could create a script to learn and rattle it off when asked.

    1. Hi stevemillarband,

      I google the keyword “自我介绍” and I found this may what you are looking for:

      Just like English, you can start self-introduction with greetings, like 大家好,早上好, and some brief intro about yourself:


      Good morning/afternoon/evening, my name is ……
      I am…… years old. I was born in…… province/Beijing, northeast/southeast/southwest…… of china, and I am currently a freshman(大一新生)/sophomore(大二学生)/junior(大三学生)/senior(大四学生) student at Capital Institute of Physical Education.

      After that, you can proceed with what you want to tell others about yourself.

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