Article : 差不多先生传 Part IV

  • We have learnt about the word “差不多”, which means “almost” or “more or less”.
  • We have studied the Part I and Part II and PartIII of the article “差不多先生传” by 胡适 ( Hu Shi ).
  • Today we will continue the article with Part IV.
  • If you have any words that you don’t understand, please post it in the comment section. I will try to explain further.

Part IV

差不多先生传 (The Chronicle of Mr. “More or Less” / “Close Enough”)


One day, he came down with an acute illness. He sent a family member to fetch Dr. Wong from the Eastern Avenue.



The family member, in a hurry, couldn’t find Dr. Wong from the Eastern Avenue, but instead brought back a cow doctor, Dr. Wang from the Western Avenue.



Mr. Close Enough, as sick as he was lying on the bed, knew that it was not the right doctor, but as he was in such great pain and too worried to wait any longer, he thought, “This Dr. Wang seems to be close enough to the other Dr. Wang. Why not let him have a try?”



Thus the wrong Dr. Wang came to his bed, and applied the method he used as a vet to treat cows to Mr. Close Enough.



In less than one hour, Mr. Close Enough was dead.



When Mr. Close Enough was about to die, he gasped:



“A live man… and a dead man… are close enough. As long as… it is close enough, we are fine. Why bother… to be so precise?”



Having finished his mantra, he took his last breath.

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